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Hypnobirthing is a proven method and antenatal program that provides a pregnant mother and her birthing partner with the best tools to create a positive birth experience. As a hypnobirthing practitioner, I prepare and guide pregnant mothers and their partners for a calm and empowering birth. The preparation process is an informative and interactive program that takes place over a 12 hour period. It will provide you with knowledge, support and the necessary tools to face whatever arises during labour and birth.

Hypnobirthing helps to prepare the mind and body for the experience of birth, using fear-release tools, providing scientific and holistic based information, self-hypnosis, breathing and visualization techniques which assist in eliminating discomfort, anxieties and dis-empowering thought patterns.

I was so lucky to find you

The day you left the previous email last week on Tuesday I was 15 mins b4 birth, after 20 hours of beautiful and calm surges.. she decided to surprise us and arrived a month earlier.. I got a very small amount of epidural which took me to a beautiful adventure of the whole birth. It was the most relaxing and calm hours/moments I’ve ever had in my life.. it took me 20 mins to breathe her out with no pain at all!! Thanks to you Joyce, I’ve had a magical experience on this journey from a state of mind completley… Read more “I was so lucky to find you”

Mori and Naama

highly professional

I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Joyce during my pregnancy to undertake the Hypnobirthing course in preparation for my impending birth. After a particularly long and complicated birthing history involving the terms ‘high risk’ and being placed in the care of several Obstetricians and care providers who ultimately didn’t manage my previous birth in a very appropriate way, I arrived into the hands of Joyce who managed to carefully help me unravel the problems and fears I had whilst empowering me to be in control and eventually go on to have the birth of my dreams.… Read more “highly professional”

Melanie Toilolo

made all the difference in our birthing outcome

I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. I had heard about hypnobirthing and knew I wanted to explore this as part of my journey. My friend straight away recommended Joyce, but I did my research. This is a very personal experience and I wanted to make sure my partner and I were making the journey with the right hypnobirthing practitioner. We felt very comfortable with corrospondences made with Joyce. She came across professional and empathetic. I had left it quite late to start the course, but Joyce made it all possible for us. We both felt so… Read more “made all the difference in our birthing outcome”

Naomi D.

Helpful, professional and efficient

Joyce was extremely helpful, professional and efficient at this course. I took many relevant and helpful tools with me to the birth. Highly recommended!

Mori Sollel

shown us amazing techniques

Thanks for your email. I was thinking of you as well and was about to send you an email on the weekend. 🙂 David and I are really well. We cant wait to meet our little baby boy and are really excited. David and I have practiced quite a bit, we have done several meditations, I am listening to my affirmations and have put together affirmations and visualizations and have blue tagged them all over the house. David has helped me a lot in the relaxation. The breathing techniques work out really well and I am training the breathing down… Read more “shown us amazing techniques”


I highly recommend a hypnobirth

When I found out I was pregnant I was excited , happy and also had fear of the labour process. So many people had said to me that I would have issues as I had “no hips” or “tight abs” and being fit would cause a long labour and even a cesarean ( all from non medical people) A couple of my friends had done a hypnobirth and I was keen to try and see if it would help me have a natural birth, or at least a calmer birth. Joyce was amazing, the information made us feel so informed… Read more “I highly recommend a hypnobirth”

Jenny Hellyer

Women all over the world have been hearing mostly negative and frightening stories about their friend’s, relative’s or even stranger’s birth experiences, which automatically create subconscious fears associated with the natural physiological body activities related to birth. Our job in Hypnobirthing is to teach, remind and reassure women of the incredible and instinctual ability to birth confidently and easily. Model of care is important in the decision making process before the birth takes place, therefore we discuss the choices you have so you can make informed decisions for you and your baby in an empowering and conscious way, with minimal intervention.

From the very beginning of the course we work on creating a positive mind set, placing emphasis on the natural and unlimited ability of women to give birth. We make space for the birthing partner to step in and support the mother in the beautiful process of labour and birth, through techniques such as guided hypnosis and light touch massages, which help with releasing endorphins (our natural pain killer and relaxant and stronger than synthetic morphine). Informing fathers / birth partners of the importance of their full presence and how they can be of support can be essential for a gentle, calm and positive experience for both mother and baby.

Overall, the Hypnobirthing Philosophy has helped hundreds of thousands of women to take full control of their experience of birth and go through it as the driver rather than the passenger on the journey of their own baby’s birth… more informed, inspired and empowered. Feeling more comfortable when giving birth (home, birthing centers or hospitals) and ultimately trusting that their bodies, know how to bring babies into the world in a calm, gentle and positive way with minimal intervention.